Hi – Welcome to my website!

Hopefully this will tell you a little bit about myself, be a source of some useful information, and if you are a potential client provide details of the type of work I do, and how to contact me.

The main things people tell me I am good at (housing wise!) include:

  • Research and analysis
  • Building financial models
  • Analysing Business Plans
  • Option studies
  • Explaining money to a lay audience
  • Training (Especially Business Planning and Housing Money)
  • Affordable Home Ownership
  • Problem solving and generating ideas/different ways of doing things

Since 1999 I have worked for myself, often with small teams from consultancies specialising in Regeneration or/and Resident Engagement.

Before that I have worked in Housing Management, Development, Finance, Research and Policy Development, mainly for Housing Associations, but also at University.

I am a director of two small housing consultancies, GM1 Housing Consultancy Ltd, and Mojo Housing Consultancy Ltd.  Both are based in the North West but offer housing consultancy and research services across England.

Thoughts and Activites from 25th June

CIH Harrogate 2011

A few impressions from CIH conference/exhibition in Harrogate.

Visibly lower attendance – is main reason mood of austerity, lack of any Government direction for social housing, or final capitulation to the costs of conference, stands and local hotels? (more…)

Thoughts and Activites from 24th June

Website Launch

Just a short post to record launch of this website  (30 June 2011) – and for the author this is like sending first ever email with an attachment in the late 1990s.  – In those days we would ring ech other up to say we had sent an email, so please go open it… In contrast local television news last night invited viewers to send in photos – stating that “the old way” was still acceptable – by which they meant email (not post).