Quite a lot of my work is confidential to my client, or embedded in wider collaborative work.

The reports below are all in the public domain.

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Empowering Private Sector Tenants – Establishing a System of Reputational Regulation in the Private Rented Sector 

Client/Funder: Consumer Focus 2011

Research exploring ways of helping to balance the lack of information many tenants have about their potential landlord at the time they sign their tenancy agreement 

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(Written By Customer Focus)

“Avoiding homelessness among private rented sector tenants” 

Client/Funder: Friends Provident Foundation 2008

Exploring reasons why many private sector tenants become homeless, and ways to prevent homelessness. 

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RENEW Qualitative Report. Produced in partnership with Stratosphere (Market Research) as part of wider research by arc4] 

Client/Funder: RENEW (Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder 2007)

Quantitative research into the local Housing Offer, Aspirations, Social Mobility and Affordability in North Staffordshire 

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“Practical Steps in Rebalancing Communities” (With Judi Watkinson) 

Client/Funder: Joseph Rowntree Foundation April 2007

Practicalities and case studies of improving Rented Housing estates through tenure/income mix 

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Rebalancing Communities: Introducing mixed incomes into existing rented housing estates (With Judi Watkinson) 

Client/Funder: Joseph Rowntree Foundation April 2003

Inspired by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust pioneering “SAVE” project, this research assessed the perceived benefits and extent of tenure diversification in English rented housing 

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“Disrepair in Owner Occupation and Reserved Powers: An exploration of policy options” 

Client/Funder: Communities Scotland 2003

An analysis of potential causes and remedies for owner occupation disrepair in Scotland, identifying gaps in the powers of the Scottish Parliament 

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Affordable Home Ownership in the Upper Dales – A Report on the feasibility of establishing a Home Equity Fund 

Client/Funder: Upper Wensleydale Community partnership; Two Dales partnership 2004

In an area where second home owners were crowding out local families this research explored the practicality of enabling local people or others with money to set up a fund to help local families purchase and remain in the area. 

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An Introduction to Housing Finance for Council and Housing Association Tenants 

Client/Funder: ODPM/ TPAS 2004

Now dated, but describes how housing finance worked in 2004 

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“Swamps and Alligators – the future for low cost home ownership” 

Client/Funder:Joseph Rowntree Foundation

A report for the Minister of Housing and Construction – Eventually(!) led to major changes in 

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