What can I do for you?

Most organisations that employ me do so because they have a project which needs developing, a challenge which needs a solution, or because they need a “second opinion” or independent advice on an issue.

Things I do include:

Housing Research and Analysis I have run projects at both National and very local levels, covering such topics as: 

  • Preventing Homelessness amongst private sector tenants
  • The future of Low Cost (Affordable) Home Ownership
  • Reputational Regulation in the Private Rented Sector
  • Relocation products for home owners during regeneration
  • The Boroughs “Housing Offer”

Regeneration preferences for specific BME communities

Financial Models Bespoke financial plans and development models. These can be very simple, or very complex. 

Recent work includes developing “Global Financial Capacity” models for the National Housing Federation

New Housing “Products” (mainly Affordable Home Ownership or Assisted Purchase Examples include:
“Rent to Purchase” (with arc4 and initially for Devon and Cornwall Housing association, later for a large number of Housing Association Consortia)
What is now called “Open Market Homebuy” or “Equity Purchase”, initially for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
Analysing and Preparing Business Plans Examples include: 

  • Examining 30 year financial business plan for transfer landlords on behalf of transferring tenants
  • Examining set-up business plan for small community enterprise
  • Mapping out route to financial viability for voluntary sector organisations

Building 30 year financial business plans for small to medium size housing associations

Option Studies Normally working as an independent advocate/analyst on behalf of residents/tenants organisations to help understand the choices available – e.g. in regeneration or “Stock Transfer” options.
Problem Solving Can help organisations see challenges and opportunities from a different perspective, often leading to a new approach.
Training See separate page – Provide courses on such topics as “Understanding Housing Finance” and “Treasury Management” – seem to be especially well received by  Tenant Groups and Board Members
Conference Speaking Able to “inform, stimulate and entertain” on such enthralling topics as “Implementing Self Financing for Council Housing” and “The future of the UK Housing Market”


Analysing and preparing Business Plans

Option Studies